add_boundary_regions(regions, pad_width=3)[source]

Add boundary regions on specified faces of an image

  • regions (ND-image) – An image containing labelled regions, such as a watershed segmentation

  • pad_width (array_like) – Number of layers to add to the beginnign and end of each axis. This argument is handled the same as pad_width in the np.pad function. A scalar adds the same amount to the beginning and end of each axis. [A, B] adds A to the beginning of each axis and B to the ends. [[A, B], …, [C, D]] adds A to the beginning and B to the end of the first axis, and so on. The default is to add 3 voxels on both ends of each axis.


padded_regions – An image with new regions padded on each side of the specified width.

Return type