tortuosity(im, axis)[source]

Calculate the tortuosity of image in the specified direction

  • im (ndarray) – The binary image to analyze with True indicating phase of interest

  • axis (int) – The axis along which to apply boundary conditions


results – The following values are computed and returned as attributes:

  • tortuosity

    Calculated using the effective_porosity as \(\tau = \frac{D_{AB}}{D_{eff}} \cdot \varepsilon\).

  • effective_porosity

    Porosity of the image after applying trim_nonpercolating_paths. This removes disconnected voxels which cause singular matrices.

  • original_porosity

    Porosity of the as-received the image

  • formation_factor

    Found as \(D_{AB}/D_{eff}\).

  • concentration

    An image containing the concentration values from the simulation.

Return type

Results objects