pc_curve_from_ibip(seq, sizes, im=None, sigma=0.072, theta=180, voxel_size=1, stepped=True)[source]

Produces a Pc-Snwp curve from the output of ibip

  • seq (ndarray) – The image containing the invasion sequence values returned from the ibip function.

  • sizes (ndarray) – The image containing the invasion size values returned from ibip

  • im (ndarray) – The voxel image of the porous media. It not provided then the void space is assumed to be im = ~(seq == 0).

  • sigma (float) – The surface tension of the fluid-fluid system of interest

  • theta (float) – The contact angle measured through the invading phase in degrees

  • voxel_size (float) – The voxel resolution of the image

  • stepped (boolean) – If True (default) the returned data has steps between each point instead of connecting points directly with sloped lines.


pc_curve – A custom object with the following data added as named attributes:


The capillary pressure, computed using the Washburn equation with the given fluid properties


the fraction of void space filled by non-wetting phase.

If stepped was set to True then the values include the corners of the steps, which may be helpful for plotting.

Return type

Results object