generate_voxel_image(network, pore_shape='sphere', throat_shape='cylinder', max_dim=None, rtol=0.1)[source]#

Generate a voxel image from an OpenPNM network object

  • network (OpenPNM GenericNetwork) – Network from which voxel image is to be generated

  • pore_shape (str) – Shape of pores in the network, valid choices are “sphere”, “cube”

  • throat_shape (str) – Shape of throats in the network, valid choices are “cylinder”, “cuboid”

  • max_dim (int) – Number of voxels in the largest dimension of the network

  • rtol (float) – Stopping criteria for finding the smallest voxel image such that further increasing the number of voxels in each dimension by 25% would improve the predicted porosity of the image by less that rtol


im – Voxelated image corresponding to the given pore network model

Return type



(1) The generated voxelated image is labeled with 0s, 1s and 2s signifying solid phase, pores, and throats respectively.

(2) If max_dim is not provided, the method calculates it such that the further increasing it doesn’t change porosity by much.


Click here to view online example.