Obtain Network Representations

Contains functions for analysing images as pore networks.

networks.add_boundary_regions(regions[, …])

Add boundary regions on specified faces of an image

networks.generate_voxel_image(network[, …])

Generate a voxel image from an OpenPNM network object

networks.label_phases(network[, alias])

Create pore and throat labels based on ‘pore.phase’ values

networks.map_to_regions(regions, values)

Maps pore values from a network onto the image from which it was extracted

networks.regions_to_network(regions[, …])

Analyzes an image that has been partitioned into pore regions and extracts the pore and throat geometry as well as network connectivity.

networks.snow2(phases[, phase_alias, …])

Applies the SNOW algorithm to each phase indicated in phases.