Create Basic Views

This module contains functions for quickly visualizing 3D images in 2D views.

visualization.sem(im[, axis])

Simulates an SEM photograph looking into the porous material.

visualization.show_planes(im[, spacing])

Create a quick montage showing a 3D image in all three directions

visualization.xray(im[, axis])

Simulates an X-ray radiograph looking through the porous material.


Rotates a 3D image and creates an angled view for rough 2D visualization.

visualization.imshow(*im[, ind, axis])

Convenience wrapper for matplotlib's imshow.[, h])

Convenience wrapper for matplotlib's bar.


Visualizes the mesh of a region as obtained by get_mesh function in the metrics submodule.


Prettifies matplotlib's output by adjusting fonts, markersize etc.