trim_floating_solid(im, conn: int | None = None, surface: bool = False)[source]

Removes all solid that that is not attached to main solid structure.

  • im (ndarray) – The image of the porous material

  • conn (int) – For 2D the options are 4 and 8 for square and diagonal neighbors, while for the 3D the options are 6 and 26, similarily for square and diagonal neighbors. The default is the maximum option.

  • surface (bool) – If True, any isolated solid regions that are connected to the surfaces of the image but not the main body of the solid are also removed. When this is enabled, only the voxels belonging to the largest region are kept. This can be problematic if the image contains non-intersecting tube-like structures, for instance, since only the largest tube will be preserved.


image – A version of im but with all the disconnected solid removed.

Return type:



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