satn_profile(satn, s=None, im=None, axis=0, span=10, mode='tile')[source]#

Computes a saturation profile from an image of fluid invasion

  • satn (ndarray) – An image with each voxel indicating the saturation upon its invasion. 0’s are treated as solid and -1’s are treated as uninvaded void space.

  • s (scalar) – The global saturation value for which the profile is desired. If satn is a pre-thresholded boolean image then this is ignored, im is required.

  • im (ndarray) – A boolean image with True values indicating the void phase. This is used to compute the void volume if satn is given as a pre-thresholded boolean mask.

  • axis (int) – The axis along which to profile should be measured

  • span (int) – The number of layers to include in the moving average saturation calculation.

  • mode (str) –

    How the moving average should be applied. Options are:




    The average is computed for discrete non-overlapping tiles of a size given by span


    The average is computed in a moving window starting at span/2 and sliding by a single voxel. This method provides more data points but is slower.


results – Results is a custom porespy class with the following attributes:




The position along the given axis at which saturation values are computed. The units are in voxels.


The local saturation value at each position.

Return type:



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