label_boundaries(network, labels=[['left', 'right'], ['front', 'back'], ['top', 'bottom']], tol=1e-09)[source]

Create boundary pore labels based on proximity to axis extrema

  • network (dict) – The network stored as a dictionary as returned from the regions_to_network function

  • labels (list of lists) – A 3-element list, with each element containing a pair of strings indicating the label to apply to the beginning and end of each axis. The default is [['left', 'right'], ['front', 'back'], ['top', 'bottom']] which will apply the label 'left' to all pores with the minimum x-coordinate, and 'right' to the pores with the maximum x-coordinate, and so on.


network – The same network as passed in but with new boolean arrays added for the boundary labels.

Return type:



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