diffusive_size_factor_AI(regions, throat_conns, model, g_train, voxel_size=1)[source]#
  • regions (ndarray) – A segmented 3D image of pore regions/a pair of two regions.

  • throat_conns (array) – An Nt by 2 array containing the throat connections. The indices orders in throat_conns start from 0 to be consistent with network extraction method.

  • model (tensorflow model) – The trained model to be used for prediction.

  • g_train (array) – The training data distribution. This will be used for denormalizing the prediction.

  • voxel_size (scalar, optional) – Voxel size of the image. The default is 1.


diff_size_factor – An array of length conns containing diffusive size factor of the conduits in the segmented image (regions).

Return type:



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