region_interface_areas(regions, areas, voxel_size=1, strel=None)[source]#

Calculate the interfacial area between all pairs of adjecent regions

  • regions (ndarray) – An image of the pore space partitioned into individual pore regions. Note that zeros in the image will not be considered for area calculation.

  • areas (array_like) – A list containing the areas of each regions, as determined by region_surface_area. Note that the region number and list index are offset by 1, such that the area for region 1 is stored in areas[0].

  • voxel_size (scalar) – The resolution of the image, expressed as the length of one side of a voxel, so the volume of a voxel would be voxel_size-cubed. The default is 1.

  • strel (array_like) – The structuring element used to blur the region. If not provided, then a spherical element (or disk) with radius 1 is used. See the docstring for mesh_region for more details, as this argument is passed to there.


areas – A custom object with the following data added as named attributes:


An N-regions by 2 array with each row containing the region number of an adjacent pair of regions. For instance, if conns[0, 0] is 0 and conns[0, 1] is 5, then row 0 of area contains the interfacial area shared by regions 0 and 5.


The area calculated for each pair of regions in conns

Return type:

Results object


Click here to view online example.