Collection of functions for importing and exporting images#

io.to_vtk(im, filename[, divide, ...])

Converts an array to a vtk file.

io.dict_to_vtk(data, filename[, voxel_size, ...])

Accepts multiple images as a dictionary and compiles them into a vtk file

io.to_palabos(im, filename[, solid])

Converts an ndarray image to a text file that Palabos can read in as a geometry for Lattice Boltzmann simulations.

io.openpnm_to_im(network[, pore_shape, ...])

Generates voxel image from an OpenPNM network object.

io.to_stl(im, filename[, divide, ...])

Converts an array to an STL file.

io.to_paraview(im, filename[, phase])

Converts an array to a paraview state file.

io.open_paraview([filename, im])

Open a paraview state file or image directly in paraview.

io.spheres_to_comsol(filename[, im, ...])

Exports a sphere pack into a Comsol geometry file.