imshow(*im, ind=None, axis=None, **kwargs)[source]

Convenience wrapper for matplotlib’s imshow.

This automatically:

  • slices a 3D image in the middle of the last axis

  • uses a masked array to make 0’s white

  • sets the origin to ‘lower’ so bottom-left corner is [0, 0]

  • disables interpolation

  • im (ndarray) – The 2D or 3D image (or images) to show. If 2D then all other arguments are ignored.

  • ind (int) – The slice to show if im is 3D. If not given then the middle of the image is used.

  • axis (int) – The axis to show if im is 3D. If not given, then the last axis of the image is used, so an ‘lower’ slice is shown.

  • **kwargs – All other keyword arguments are passed to plt.imshow


im can also be a series of unnamed arguments, in which case all received images will be shown using subplot.


Click here to view online example.