This is a wrapper around matplotlib’s imshow that works better with voxel images

import porespy as ps
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
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  def _find_trapped_pores(inv_seq, indices, indptr, outlets):  # pragma: no cover


The image to show. Can be 2D or 3D:

im = ps.generators.blobs([100, 100, 100], blobiness=[1, 2, 3])


3D images must be sliced to present a 2D view. This argument controls which axis to slice along. The default is 2, which is the traditional z-axis, so the function will show an xy slice.

ps.visualization.imshow(im, axis=1);


The location or index to slice at, with the default being the midpoint of the specified axis.

ps.visualization.imshow(im, axis=1, ind=10);


All other keyword arguments are passed on to plt.imshow. For instance you can set the colormap:

ps.visualization.imshow(im, axis=1, ind=10,;