Maps pore values from a network onto the image from which it was extracted

import numpy as np
import porespy as ps
import openpnm as op
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

ws = op.Workspace()
ws.settings['loglevel'] = 50
[03:08:42] ERROR    PARDISO solver not installed, run `pip install pypardiso`. Otherwise,
                    simulations will be slow. Apple M chips not supported.                                         

Create image and extract network

im = ps.generators.blobs(shape=[400, 400], porosity=0.6)
snow_output = ps.networks.snow2(im, voxel_size=1)
pn =

Plot the pore network

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
op.visualization.plot_connections(pn, c='w', linewidth=2, ax=ax)
op.visualization.plot_coordinates(pn, c='w', s=100, ax=ax)
plt.imshow(snow_output.regions.T, origin='lower')

Now assign some values to the network:

pn['pore.values'] = np.random.rand(pn.Np)

And now assign these values to the image regions:

reg = ps.networks.map_to_regions(regions=snow_output.regions.T, values=pn['pore.values'])
plt.imshow(reg, origin='lower');