Computes the porosity profile along the given axis of an image.

import porespy as ps
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt


The porosity is computed by summing the voxels with a value of 1. This means that in a boolean image the void space is indicated by True. If the image is multiphase (i.e. voxel values of 1, 2, …) then only the 1’s will be counted.

im = ps.generators.overlapping_spheres(shape=[50, 50, 50], r=5, porosity=0.65)
prf = ps.metrics.porosity_profile(im)
plt.plot(prf, 'b.-')
plt.plot([0, 50], [0.65, 0.65], 'r--')
plt.ylim([0, 1]);


The axis along which to compute the profile. The default is axis=0.

prf0 = ps.metrics.porosity_profile(im, axis=0)
prf1 = ps.metrics.porosity_profile(im, axis=1)
prf2 = ps.metrics.porosity_profile(im, axis=2)
plt.plot(prf0, 'b.-')
plt.plot(prf1, 'g.-')
plt.plot(prf2, 'c.-')
plt.plot([0, 50], [0.65, 0.65], 'r--')
plt.ylim([0, 1]);