nl_means_layered(im, cores=None, axis=0, patch_size=5, patch_distance=5, h=4)[source]#

Apply the non-local means filter to each 2D layer of a stack in parallel.

This applies skimage.restoration.denoise_nl_means to each slice, so refer to the documentation of that function for further information.

  • im (ndarray) – The greyscale image with noise to be removed

  • cores (int (optional)) – The number of cores to use for the processing. By default all available cores are used.

  • axis (int) – The axis along which slices should be taken. This should correspond to the axis of rotation of the tomography stage, so if the sample was rotated about the z-axis, then use axis=2.

  • patch_size (int) – Size of patches used for denoising

  • patch_distance (int) – Maximal distance in pixels where to search patches used for denoising.

  • h (float) – Cut-off distance (in gray levels). The higher h, the more permissive one is in accepting patches. A higher h results in a smoother image, at the expense of blurring features. For a Gaussian noise of standard deviation sigma, a rule of thumb is to choose the value of h to be sigma of slightly less.


The quality of the result depends on patch_size, patch_distance, h, and sigma. It is recommended to experiment with a single slice first until a suitable set of parameters is found.

Each slice in the stack is adjusted to have the same histogram and intensity.


Click here to view online example.