satn_to_seq(satn, im=None, mode='drainage')[source]#

Converts an image of nonwetting phase saturations to invasion sequence values

  • satn (ndarray) – A Numpy array with the value in each voxel indicating the global saturation at the point it was invaded. -1 indicates a voxel that not invaded, and 0 indicates solid phase.

  • im (ndarray) – A Numpy array with True values indicating the void space.

  • mode (str) –

    Controls how the saturations are converted to sequence. The options are:




    The pressures are assumed to have been filled from smallest to largest, ignoring 0’s and -1’s


    The sizes are assumed to have been filled from largest to smallest, ignoring 0’s and -1’s


seq – A Numpy array the same shape as satn with each voxel value indicating the sequence in which it was invaded, according to the specified mode. Solid voxels are indicated by 0 and uninvaded by -1.

Return type:



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