maximal_ball_wrapper(im, prefix, path_to_exe, voxel_size=1e-06)[source]#

Implementing a maximal ball algorithm on an image

  • im (ndarray) – The image of the porous material.

  • prefix (string) – The prefix to append to the filenames (i.e. ‘prefix_node1.dat’)

  • path_to_exe (string) – Path to the maximal ball .exe file (pnextract.exe). See Notes

  • voxel_size (scalar) – The size of a voxel side in preferred units. The default is 1e-6, so the user can apply the scaling to the returned results after the fact.


outputs four DAT files:

prefix_link1, prefix_link2, prefix_node1, prefix_node2

This function only runs on Windows since the Windows compatible binary is provided by the Imperial College team.